New Principal of Atlantic College

It was a very emotional moment for both the Staff and Neil Richards, when the result of the selection process was announced in the new Staff-Common-Room. The overwhelmed Richards was welcomed with applause and beaming smiles.

“It was a very interesting and exciting experience“ said Baroness Helena Kennedy and emphasised the involvement of staff and students during the last days in the final interviews. Quoting a student Kennedy stated at the end of the day it was clear: “He is the man“. The crucial arguement for Richards was not only his international experience and background, but also that the governors had the impression Neil Richards would share the values of the UWC-movement and Atlantic College in particular.

“I hope to fulfil your expectations“ was Neil Richards spontaneous response to Helena Kennedy‘s speech.

Neil Richards

– United World College Student Magazine –


2 thoughts on “New Principal of Atlantic College

  1. Señor:”DIRECTOR DE ATLANTICCOLLEGE” Y Subdirector y plana Docente,Tutoria y seccion Admisitrativa. en general.estamos muy agradecidos como padres de RUTH ACEVEDO CRUSES al culminar sus estudios en alta preparacion, tambien por su Diploma Bachillerato Internacional,ademas sentimos muy orgulloso por su aprovechamiento academico y su ingreso de becas en varias universidades en EE.UU.para nosotros es un paso hacia adelante del futuro,por tal motivo sentimos muy agradecidos de cada uno de Ustedes.Me despido con un fuerte abrazo para todo personal de Atlantic College.

  2. Es un honor para mi saber que usted señor Director haya ganado!!! muchas felicidades y un saludo a todos el personal de Atlantic College.

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