Africa – The passion never dies…

Job Ogutu

Just like the phoenix, Africa will one day rise from the ashes. Many years ago, the African soil was occupied by Kingdoms and Empires. The success of these vast territories lay on their rulers. The powerful Kings and Emperors obtained power through annihilating and then conquering. From the Kingdom of Old Ghana in West Africa, to the Empire of Mwenemutapa in Southern Africa and the Kingdom of The Kabaka in East Africa, a people full of pride were in occupancy. Yes, the African man was once a person pregnant with pride; thumping his chest as he walked across the beautiful land that was in his possession. The beautiful and pure waters of the Victoria Falls to quench his thirst; the green grass that surrounded his home, for the satisfaction of his livestock; the wonderful unexploited earth for the growth of his food, to feed him and his family; the waters of the great lake Victoria, full of fish, an important diet in his meal. Yes, those were the glory days.Africa has been exploited of its rich mineral deposits, rendering some areas derelict, without a shred of richness in them. Trees have been cut down, leaving some parts of the continent prone to desertification. Starvation, thirst and disease are some plagues that have rocked such areas. The infant mortality has shot up, with babies dying like flies. The life expectancy in Malawi is 40 years. Famine, disease and poverty are the major contributors of this. With a GDP – per capita of $600, this African country is ranked as the poorest world wide. Malawi is just an example of the many poor African states. A big factor to consider when it comes to the problems facing this once mighty continent is the killer disease AIDS. This disease has led to many being orphaned further plunging the continent in a sea full of problems.

But after the storm, comes the sunshine. The same will one day happen in this beautiful continent that was once lush with vegetation and wildlife. It might seem impossible looking at the continent today with the struggles it’s going through, but it will happen. “Every cloud has a silver lining…”

– United World College Student Magazine –


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