Birds and Fishes – A Tale of a Castle by the Sea

Ian Gonfinete

Today I’ll tell you a story. This story happens in a castle by the sea, where lots of bright fishes and birds live and study. But the life and the classes are taught under the water: inside of the swimming pool. So, the fishes enjoy it, once they are in their own habitat and close to the sea, where they live.But the birds don’t enjoy that much, because, as birds, they don’t know how to swim, they can only fly. Most of them had experienced swimming before, but a few never put their wings in the water, but, soon the life in the castle by the sea started everyone was threw in the stormy water, no matter how good or bad your swimming skills were. And the teachers (the Dolphins), were acting as everyone there were fishes, it means, teaching speedy.The birds almost drowned there. Some of them passed most of the time trying not to drown, to be honest. Was really hard to, suddenly, stop learning things in the way you always learned and start advanced classes in this new way. And this was how the school worked for many years. Until, one day, a bird got tired of the careless that him and the other birds were passing by and created, with the help of his friend (a fish!), a day where the fishes were not allowed to swim, but they could only fly. He was intending to make the fishes “struggle”; in order to make them understand how hard is to live doing one thing you don’t do normally. The day worked well and ascended the point about “Birds Human Rights” in the college.

But apparently it wasn’t enough to make them understand. Some fishes still not understanding the point of the swimming/flying problem. And now, a new group of birds and fishes are coming soon and the Dolphins don’t want to change the system that have “been working for such a long time”. The bird is powerless, he just have a bunch of friends, but without support of the Sharks, they can’t help the poor non-swimming birds that are just apart to arrive in this stormy swimming pool in the castle by the sea. This story won’t have a “happily ever after” for the birds if everyone still acting in this careless way. “During the past term a group of students had been in several reunions with Staff members, in order to change some College aspects to make the life easier to English Non-Natives. Unfortunately, all the attempts didn’t result in anything at all.”

– United World College Student Magazine –


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