Respect @ UWC AC

Gwen, Lena & Hannah (UWC AC 2006-2008)

As fun as sports week is, it brought to our attention some issues that have been circulating in our community i.e. a lack of Respect. The support that houses have been giving to their teams has been incredible but has at the same time sometimes gotten a little out of hand. Good sportsmanship is essential for a good sports week and unfortunately it can not be said everything went smoothly. Lack of respect towards other houses/teams was shown on several occasions and this reflects a trend that has recently appeared in AC.The term Respect is so commonly used that the definition gets lost. To focus it a little better we want to you consider where it is present in our community and where it seems to be lacking.

Let’s not forget that AC is run on respect. For example where else has there been such a relaxed Staff Student relationship based on equality and trust. Also we get to determine how this place is run, showing that we are trying to achieve a mature society. In our house meetings we had to talk about the core values of Atlantic College. In Whitaker respect was the first on the list, and as obvious as it sounds it is not always incorporated into our everyday lives. We cannot say that every individual on this campus shows an acceptable amount of respect. Should we then also let this slip away and say in our core values that we ‘aspire to be respectful’?

With a student body consisting of individuals who have worked hard and earned their place at this unique school, surely we should all be aware of the people we are surrounded by, and open to their ideas? We are all different yet we have come here with the same ideals. We are here to learn from one another, but how can this be achieved if we show a lack of respect to each other? We should become more active as a student body. Basic respect should be shown to everyone without exception, no matter how you perceive them.

To conclude, what we are trying to say is: second years, set a good example and first years, be more aware of how you act in this community. Every individual here has earned their place here and deserves your respect.

– United World College Student Magazine –

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