The Libertarian: Liberty in Journalism, MUWCI

Hi there to my fellow UWCers,

My name is Jin and I am the chief editor of the Libertarian in the Mahendra UWC of India. FYI, we are a new newspaper on campus which started only last year going on into this year. To explain a little on the choice of the name is to relate to how the paper works. We, the editors, encourage the UWC youth today to write whatever that comes to mind, whether is it about how bad the dryers’ conditions are on campus to the recent outrage in Burma. Furthermore, we don’t edit your articles, as in we don’t apply any sort whatsoever kind of censorship over their articles (except correcting the occasional mispelling and grammatical errors). The following is the link to our first edition for the year…. enjoy….


– United World College Student Magazine –


One thought on “The Libertarian: Liberty in Journalism, MUWCI

  1. Jin!!!!
    omg this is such a small world, one of my best friends here was just telling me that Mahindra started this cool newspaper and I just found out you’re the editor!

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