MUWCI: The FTB: Official Campus Weekly: Article 3

Article 3:

With or without Wi-Fi?

One of the most frequently debated topics on campus these days is whether we, at MUWCI, need to be even more technologically advanced and than we already are. How, you might ask? By getting wireless network connections available in every corner of MUWCI including our rooms.

While some of the more intellectual people on campus instantly heralded this move as an excuse to spend even more time studying locked away in their rooms, others are cursing the MUWCI tech team for trying to curb the social life our campus is known for.

‘People are just getting lazier. They can’t spend five extra minutes walking to the IT centre instead of wasting valuable money on internet access in the rooms?’ says Sam.

He isn’t alone. A large section of people feel that students have been surviving just fine all these years without internet access in their rooms. As someone pointed out, it’s a two-second walk from your room to the courtyard, where internet access is already available.

‘We’re creating necessities that aren’t even needed. The IT budget should be revised so that the extra money can be used for something else,’ points out Jana.

So if we shouldn’t have spent the money on wi-fi what should we have spent it on? Popular answers included further financial aid to the Pre Akshara program, or repairing the washing machines and dryers in the common rooms.

But a vast majority of the campus is trilled to finally be getting wi-fi in their rooms.

‘This is awesome. It will be easier for the work: we can do our work in our rooms, finish what we have to do faster, so that we can go and socialize in the common rooms or in the social centre. And so, maybe, finally now the common rooms will look like a place to socialize rather than a second IT centre. Plus it’s not like we can return the hardware and still not make a loss anymore’, according to Joao and Ludiwien.

‘I think its great that we can finally be able to work in our rooms…it’ll help me meet all those deadlines and I can finally work in peace,’ said one particularly harassed looking second year.

Therese thinks calling home will now be easier and more convenient. ‘With the time difference, sometimes we can’t make calls because it’s too late to go outside. Having wi-fi in the rooms will let us call home whenever we want on skype’. She’s not the only one, few of the students we interviewed believe that it will be more convenient and private to check our mails and communicate with home.

These were the main points of those who really want wi-fi in the rooms, and the ones of those who were completely against it. But what about those who don’t really mind, those who will be happy with or without it. Like the ones who don’t have laptops or, for instance Samira: ‘Wi-fi ?! he’s not a cute guy! …so why should I think about it!”

And what about those who say that wi-fi in rooms will just make us anti-social and kill the flourishing party culture at MUWCI?

‘I doubt it. I think we’re just giving anti-social people another reason to be antisocial. If you really want to be antisocial, you’ll find a way. Internet access in rooms won’t change that.’ Says Saim.

And finally, a word of advice to those who remain resolute against letting internet into their rooms. As Sambit says, ‘just disable it!’

– United World College Student Magazine –


2 thoughts on “MUWCI: The FTB: Official Campus Weekly: Article 3

  1. There are a ton of other issues to be discussed. Much important issues, like the dysfunctional dryers and washing machines in the wadas. Wireless is not a necessity or it doesnt make people anti social. Its a choice like everything else. Banning cell phone use on campus was ridiculous just as this issue of wireless connectivity is. Every major college or university that the students end up going to, have complete wif-fi connectivity. People would not want to go to colleges that have limited connectivity. People in Muwci have to understand that Wi fi is not a privilege( for the people who argue for the ones who dont have laptops), it is a choice; it is a facility provided. If people do have problems with wi fi they should have problems with things like dryers, washing machines, fridges etc. We can argue that fridges are not required as well then, since we get food in the cafe anyway. This is senseless argument.

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