Ecuador, Saturday 11:30am

Maria Gabriela Juncosa Calahorrano (Ecuador, UWC AC 2007-2009)

Saturday, 11:30 in the morning, Mom was cooking chicken for lunch, dad and my brother were watching a football match, my younger sister was with a friend, while I was sleeping after a tiring morning.

The ring of a bell woke me up, but what really bothered me was the scream that followed it. I noticed immediately that it was my mom.
I ran to the stairs and the first thing I saw was a man, whose face was half-covered with a red fabric, pointing at me with a gun. My mom was standing behind him. Behind her more than 8 strangers entered my house.

They ordered us to sit down on the bathroom floor, but first of all, they made sure that both my dad and my brother were well tied up, just in case…

Unfortunately, my great-aunt and her husband wanted to pay us a surprise visit that day (actually she wanted to give a present to my sister). They both panicked as they walked in and realised what was happening.
My great-aunt’s husband felt a duty to protect us. He started to fight. It was just him against 9 or 10 people. After breaking one of the thief’s noses, they threw him to the floor, next to where I was. His head was bleeding, but he wanted to continue. I took his hand and begged him to calm down.

“Let them take whatever thy want!” I said.
That scared them, they didn’t want to continue.
“Don’t blame us, blame the Government, they’ve stolen all our money” said the man with the broken nose just before leaving.

The Police came along an hour and a half after we called them. They were completely useless, and we couldn’t expect anything more.
After that, we changed the locks and added some more, and we don’t go to bed if the alarm (that sounds even when a cat comes in) isn’t on.

– United World College Student Magazine –


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