An unusual dinner – How is Darfur?

It is dinner time, the students of the Mahindra United World College of India are hungry and come to their Cafeteria. But today’s dinner is somehow different: It is dark but everywhere there are white candles lighted. They frame messages like “There is not enough food in the world to feed everyone.” or “212,000,000 Indians suffer under chronical hunger.”

Due to the International Human Rights Day at 10th of December, the Human Rights Group dedicates a whole week to Human Rights Issues. Members of the group explain the college community the significance of the plain rice tonight and the people that serve the food in unusual clothes: Rags.

Of course not everybody is enthusiastic about this idea. Some students do not miss to show the others how much they miss the proper dinner tonight. But this criticism encourages the human rights group even more. In conversations they try to clarify an important point: “You must eat this for only one night. Some innocent people have to eat this – or even less – every day.

The situation is Darfur is extremeley critical. This conflict in Western Sudan that is more inspired by ethnic and tribal rather than religious reasons caused more than 300,000 deaths since the beginning of the conflict (estimated by British Parliamentary Report). 2,500,000 human beings have become refugees. To demonstrate these numbers that are actually impossible to imagine the human rights group made up a special project for the International Human Rights Day. They took the total population of the Darfur area which is about 6.5 million people and calculated the percentage numbers of killed and displaced people. It was amazing to see the many black and red crosses at people’s foreheads at the end of the day.

Both teachers and students were thinking about the alarming pieces of news pensively. And this is what the group wanted to reach.

Julian Lotz


Julian (17) comes from Germany and is a 1st-year at the Mahindra United World College of India.

– United World College Student Magazine –


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