Welcome back to muwci – the first week after winterbreak

Whether having seized the opportunity of going home or travelling through India, coming back on campus seemed hardly attractive to most of us. Work loads still waiting for us as we hadn’t taken the last few weeks of school too serious, more sleep deprivation and caf-food for – what might sometimes seem – the rest of our lives. However, meeting your friends, and the whole charm of the buzzing, loud and restless campus life soon captured us, and especially a lot of the first-years made the pleasant experience of returning to a place somewhat close to home.

Besides academics (Group 4, IA-s, and whatsoever), we also have the 10th Anniversary Celebrations coming up, theatre week and somewhere mixed in between Exeat-Weekends and in less than two months: Project Week!

It’s been a week since we brought our luggage-loads of home food, but it already seems like a month…and we are back, sleep deprived, permanently hungry and once more incredibly idealistic!


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