Middle-Eastern, Asian, Australasian Day at UWC-USA

Middle Eastern, Asian, Australasian Day was, simply, MAAD. It was the time of celebration and learning about the culture and tradition of MAAD regions. In just a few weeks, we had to put together a cultural day, a week of activities, a themed dinner, a party and a café. Alex Kok Siong ’08 (Singapore), Pui Shen Yoong ’08 (Malaysia) and I served as leaders and tried to manage all the regions (from some of the most vivacious cultures) and make sure they were represented.

The level of energy among the MAAD students increased as the event grew nearer. Team spirit took over-meetings were full of ideas and suggestions, dates were fixed, and adrenaline levels maxed out. The final week was full of MAAD rehearsals, although students also had to contend with tons of school work (exams, Internal Assessments, SATs, TOEFL, Extended Essays, and college research and applications). However, everyone tried to support and help others because we all wanted the show to be done perfectly since this show was put on for the administration, faculty, staff, maintenance, fellow students and everyone else who contributes in keeping the school going. Every second spent was meant to entertain, those people who have always given us their best. We learned, lived, grew up, ate, danced, laughed, and, for sure, worked hard so that we could show them how thankful we are for this place.

By Anas Alghbari ’08 (Jordan)

– United World College Student Magazine –


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