Founder’s day from a backstage perspective

The Stage Crew knew from the beginning: everything had to work perfectly that Friday. The auditorium full of alumni, teachers, former faculty members, current students, friends and donors of the UWC-USA should not be disappointed. Yet the usually very tense situation behind the stage in the well-known Green Room, where students wait for their moment to go on stage, was not so much pent-up but rather relaxed and quiet this time.

I saw many of my classmates attentively listen to the speeches being made in front of the curtain by former faculty members and alumni. When Kim Vickers ’84 talked about how the now-famous tradition of howling came into being-it was intended to scare security employees!-everybody behind the curtain was silent, listening. We were tempted to show our amazement by bursting out into laughter, but most importantly, we had forgotten
the excitement and fear of presenting ourselves in front of so many people. Our attention was once again kept by the fascinating lives and experiences of people committed to the United World Colleges movement.

by Lisa Helen Naser ’08 (Germany)
– United World College Student Magazine –

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