Founder’s Weekend

Everybody was looking forward to the Founders’ Weekend. Twenty-five years of UWC–USA—that is a long time and means a lot to current and former students. In honor of that anniversary, students prepared for awonderful show, Live@25, which was really successful. It consisted of musical performances and several international dances. It was really interesting to talk to the alumni, to find out more about the oldesttraditions—like howling at the moon—andwhat has changed about UWC in 25 years—such as the constant use of email and the internet.During the show there were speechesgiven by alumni, founding teachers and one former president. They talked about UWC–USA now and then; they told us what the College means to them and how exciting it is to see this place again after more than 20 years.The Stage Crew knew from the beginning:everything had to work perfectly that Friday. On Saturday, we had several workshops about education at the grassroots, organizing activism, peace and justice, environment and sustainability, and ethical leadership development. It
was even more interesting as people from the Las Vegas community were actively
involved as well. Spending time with alumni at dinner, talking to them about how UWC
impacted them and what are doing now was fun! Saturday afternoon there were service activities such as cleaning the area around the skating pond near our College. I really felt like Founder’s Weekend brought people together and strengthened our community. On Sunday there was a feedback circle organized, and I could feel that a common sense is a necessity to do something like that more often.

 by Inga Reichelt (Germany ’09)

– United World College Student Magazine –


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