Unity and Community at the UWC-USA

Everybody finds various things to discover in and benefit from at
UWC. There is no common description of a UWC student;
everyone’s experience and point of view is different. However, there
are some things that we all build up and share together.
“UWC makes education a force to unite….”: that’s what our
mission statement says. But we have so much more beyond classes.
We learn to live together as a community, to help those who need help,
to make our prejudices fade away while talking in dayrooms or asking
each other questions in Global Issues or Constructive Engagement of
Conflict meetings. We do sports; we play and sing; we rehearse skits
dozens of times and then we perform to each other. We spend huge
amounts of time together outside the classes, during which we become
closer friends—and a more unified community.
But could we students achieve anything much more than what we
had back home without the support of others in our community? We
have different traditions, different ways to celebrate, and a variety of
priorities. How successful would we be to combine these differences
without any help? We’re lucky to be able to socialize with teachers and
service sponsors and GetAways, and, in this interaction, we enjoy both
giving and getting. That is the reason why we are all here: to share who
we are and learn from each other.
UWC doesn’t want to be invisible; we want to be heard. We came
here to learn how to have an impact on what is going on in the outer
world. As we are a firmly connected community of less than 300 inhabitants
here in Montezuma, we need interaction with people from Las
Vegas, Santa Fe, Albuquerque and elsewhere. They bring us a breeze of
“non-high-school life,” of their everyday fortunes and concerns.
Could our UWC community successfully exist and accomplish its
aims without unity? I don’t think so. We need each other to be who we
are: we need those representatives of almost one hundred countries in
the world; we need friendly people from outer communities as well as a
determined faculty.

Written by Aldona Kapacinskaite (Lithuania ’09)

– United World College Student Magazine –


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