Every prologue reflects an epilogue
Every light submerges into darkness
Every sunrise beseeches a sunset
Every drop of blood lost and sweat sacrificed wakes up to success
Every tear is defeated by celebration of joy
Every sin redeems or faces divine retribution
Every life in death attains salvation
…………… Every journey culminates in a destination
And life come a full circle!
Life is a journey encompassing all- all types of experiences, all types of people. Every happy thing has an end and likewise every unhappy experience also doesn’t live for long.

Time and again, the first years have been made aware by the second years, of the fact that they prefer their second years more than the batch for whom they are playing seconds years latest being an article about the same in The Libertarian by the editor himself! Why is it so hard for the second years to accept the first years as they are? Though it’s understandable that the human nature yearns for the things which they have lost and not value the ones which they possess at the moment but being evocative about the past shouldn’t let make one sacrifice the present and regret about it in the future! If they can help the supposedly “poor, bewildered first years” by defining what according to them is wrong if the first years abide by the rules by not wanting to break the curfew and keep on checking the time in parties? If only they give up complaining and try to be helpful in integrating our idea to their idea of fun! Fun is an integral part of the MUWCI life, we wholeheartedly agree to that but we also owe an explanation, morally, to our teachers if we have partied all night and are dozing in class the following day. And I am very sorry to say but the concept of fun doesn’t incarcerate one to having vodka, staying up all night, missing classes due to lack of sleep, having numerous college meetings about the same and making an image of MUWCI as an abode of spoilt young people. The pivotal idea of attending MUWCI is not only having fun, MUWCI is an educational institute. By making parties the backbone of the life here, we are just degrading it to a holiday resort!  Making a prominent distinction between first years and second years is only widening the rift between them and not allowing this community to function as an integral unit. The constant reminder to the first years “this was done last year….that was done last year” makes us feel falling short of expectations which our second years might be having. This does nothing more than heighten our sense of discomfort and makes us do stuff just to appear “cool” to the second years.
The present day relationship between the first years and the second years has changed a lot since the time we came here and as my roommate puts it, ” when your first years asks you about your second years, I don’t want you guys to say, ummmmmmmm….actually they actually nothing more than complaining”. The rift between the second years and the first year has improved a lot but articles commenting on the topic and trying to bring froth the same old idea is actually trying to hamper the improvement and making us believe that in spite of our arduous efforts, the same thought is still occupying the same space in the mindset of the second years and they still haven’t accepted us wholeheartedly.
P.S. (Since I didn’t see enough comments, I as well as a vast majority of first years presume that this is the general opinion of the second years. But I also accept the fact that this generalisation isn’t true for all)

By: srija

– United World College Student Magazine –


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