We tend to call ourselves a community that cares for each other and we call ourselves a ‘family’ made of all members on the campus from the drivers to the students to the faculty and to the RKHS – or are they included? Well I’m beginning to wonder if the RKHS are really part of this family for it doesn’t seem so. Either, the RKHS are not part of our family, or, let’s face the fact; we are a family where we neglect each other. I really appreciated the initiative to devote alternative college meetings to issues which relate to the campus – but, we haven’t had any such discussions (except one which I shall not go into the details of for it doesn’t pertain to my family’s current problem).

To give you some background information, From the Inside was an article in which the pathetic living conditions of the RKHS were highlighted – pathetic being an enormous under estimation. If you read it and didn’t react to it then obviously you’ve missed a few lines. I find it so funny that so much is being done for our forthcoming dignitaries – but what about the RKHS. Do we have time to do so much for a few gentlemen who spend less than half a day on campus but no time whatsoever for a group of men who spend not days, not weeks, not months, but years on this institute?

All of us seem to have forgotten this issue and it was an amusement to me that what was meant to be the first issues discussion (RKHS living conditions) was never made. In fact, what is on the agenda as an issue right now does not even relate to these conditions.

Look I know we’re all busy and I know a lot of work is going in for the coming events this month. But, sometimes it’s necessary to know how to strike a balance between your work and your family. I know who my family is and I know what it needs – its time you know the same.

By: Nishant Ganesh Kumar

– United World College Student Magazine –


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