Where Do You Go?

 The 10th anniversary party was on Sunday, from 8 pm till check-in. And it was lots of fun. Though it started off pretty mildly, with pleasant little chitchats on beanbags all over the place, it ended loud and vibrant. I was with the rest of the Grease cast at the mph steps and when we weren’t on stage, we were singing along or dancing – the music was that loud; and I’m sure nobody was any worse for it.

So it came was surprising when I heard that there weren’t many people there after all; a source tells me the heads numbered between 40 and 50 – including faculty! The reasons for the absenteeism were varied – EEs due, friends online (sigh…), other activities, or simply a lack of interest in the party. I’m sure it is stressful when you have as load of work on you as man of the second years do now, but then isn’t the very purpose of parties to take that pressure and throw it away? Besides the talk, the music and consequently the dance – ranging from 80s English to IndiPop – which are fun enough in themselves, there was cultural exchange (where do you come from, where do you go…) and limbo walking! So what if this sounds like a description of a circus if it was fun?
We have more such occasions coming up. I know all this is getting kinda cliché as it’s been discussed over and over again already, but the point is we haven’t been doing much but pointing fingers. Anat and Rashi were really cool to have thrown an all MUWCI party and it is disappointing we couldn’t make the best out of it. The fact that it was before check – in avoided the bad moods that arise when a party has to end at curfew. But then again, parties are not the only places where we can have fun all together. Say this week we have the informal dinner with the UWC college heads and members of the international board. Next week we have the Valentine’s Day (belated) prom. Why don’t we all go have fun?

By Urmila C.

– United World College Student Magazine –

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