For the 10th Anniversary

The MUWCI Tenth Anniversary Celebration required much accommodation and preparation by MUWCI students, faculty and staff, but ultimately occurred without any major problems and was useful in bringing attention to the school and hopefully interest from those with the ability to provide scholarships. The major events at MUWCI took place on Saturday the 9th, when the Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh visited and spoke briefly about the school. The students and teachers organized a showcase for the many visitors displaying the academics and activities of the school, and the visitors were given a tour of the newly inaugurated biodiversity reserve. Later, everyone gathered together for a humorous but enlightening keynote address by Dr. Shashi Tharoor, the former Under-Secretary General at the United Nations. Afterwards, students and guests were treated to a special lunch. However, activities were not limited to the 9th of February. The following week several UWC heads and board members visited MUWCI to talk not only about the 10th Anniversary but also about the future of UWC. On Sunday, Feb. 17, several students traveled to Mumbai to perform dances for the international UWC board, and meetings continued in Mumbai for several days. We at MUWCI links decided to summarize the past 10 years in our own form of celebration for the 10th Anniversary.      

Amanda Lanzillo


10 Years MUWCI


5 thoughts on “For the 10th Anniversary

  1. Hi Valentin,

    what format is this .odt format in which the “10 years MUWCI” and other articles are published? How can I open it? Do you think it would be posible to publish in a more common format (.jpg or .doc) ?

    Viele Gruesse aus Bolivien und noch ein paar tolle Monate in AC!


  2. btw, great you’ve put up all those articles on the LPC-Green controversy – this really has been a much discussed topic among UWC grads lately!

  3. Heissa Severin,
    die meisten Artikel sollten im Word-Format gespeichert sein. Ich habe auch die LPC-Antwort von PDF in .doc umgewandelt. MUWCI habe ich auch schon geschrieben, denn auch hier kann niemand odt öffnen. Das kann aber nur der Post-Autor ändern.
    Vielen Dank für den Gruß,

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