We have been waiting for Independence

Liza Gashi (Kosovo, UWCCR07-09) presents her point of view on the current situation in Kosovo after the first Independence Day on 17th February 2008.

I was born in 1990, in the time where politic situation in Kosova was really terrible. There were protests everywhere. Everywhere in Kosova people had been crying for equal rights like those of the other Republics of the former Yugoslavia.
What did the Serbians do in this time? They took our National TV (Radio and Television of Pristina), they fired most of the Albanian workers from their jobs, and they used their positions to disturb our school education.

Albanians didn’t sleep during this crisis. They really had difficult social problems, but they organised lessons in houses for their children. Teachers worked without any money. These were hard times, and we missed out as children – we weren’t free to play, to have our favorite toys, and everything was difficult for us.
As people, we didn’t have the right to choose by ourselves. We weren’t equal with other Republics of the former Yugoslavia, and Serbia didn’t know and respect our elementary human rights.
In 1999 when I was eight years old, the war started. Thousands of people from Kosovo have been victims of explosions, murders and massacres. Most of the people, who Serbian militarist expelled from their homes, never came back because their houses had been destroyed in fires.
War destroyed almost everything and, many people are still traumatized.
After the war, international organisations introduced multiethnic projects and the youth have been very pleased to be in the forefront of change and peace.

Our Independence Day was the best thing to happen to the Kosovan people. It was really satisfying to know that now, we have a state, we aren’t like children without parents, we are equal and Kosova is garden of peace, where human rights are respected for all people who live there.

Liza Gashi (Kosovo, UWCCR07-09)


2 thoughts on “We have been waiting for Independence

  1. This article is great and I just can say that everything that LizZa told about is true and even worse, I can say that becouse I’m older then she and I’m also from Kosovo. Now that we got our own Country,and we also got our human rights that everyone deserves, we can make thing going better.

    Yours faithfuly
    Kushtrim R. KRASNIQI

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