In this period, because of some readings, or just because you have heard it from someone else, almost everybody knows about the political situation in Italy. After the astonishing collapse that there has been within the organism that is supposed to lead and govern our country, after all the shameful facts that occurred in Senate during the collapse of the Prodi’s government, Italy is now in the situation of having to vote again for a government that probably will be not able, once again, to lead in a meaningful way.

The Italians are becoming skeptical (and how can we blame them?) and a part of the population is strongly disappointed and embittered because of what is going on in our nation; the political sides have now become a collection of Primadonnas, who have not the minimum idea of what they owe to the electors. Right and Left do not exist anymore, and both sides prefer to point the finger at each other about what the other side has done wrong, instead of underlining what they have done right. By now they prefer to say, “they have less right than us to govern because they did not do that” instead of “we have more right than them to govern because we did this”. The Italian disappointment is a lot and this is what more or less every Italian thinks about the politic. But in this sea of desolation we still look for the less bad option, and so new parties are forming, old ones are looking to stay in power, and the Italian population is in the middle and has to make a hard choice. And so on the 13th and the 14th of April 2008 a mass of Italians will go to the assigned places to vote and then we wait for the results. Meanwhile, last Autumn, a new party has been created, the Democratic party (Partito Democratico PD), with the leadership of the Rome’s ex-mayor, Walter Veltroni ( just to understand more properly, they are centre-left). The party defines itself like a new, reforming, innovative, modern wave, but obviously everything is yet to be evaluated. However, now the statistics and the suppositions made about Silvio Berlusconi (well known leader of the right wing party Forza Italia) the most likely winner for the role of prime minister.Obviously, suppositions and statistics are not enough, and everything is to be decided yet. It is worth pointing out that, other than the popular discontent – which we already talked about – and the inefficiency of our electoral system (“Proporzionale con sbarramento”),there is the crime and the corruption floating within our government. Amid our politicians, amid those people likely to represent an entire nation, there more than twenty crooks under trial, but not convicted yet. I believe that this is a scandal mainly for the fact that a politician should personify an example, should be totally loyal and devoted to the State, and thereby they should not be harmful to it. How is it possible for a nation to trust these people and the governmental system? On the other hand, it is necessary to consider that these persons are simply suspected, there is not enough proof against them. They are considered innocent, until their crimes are fully proved. Hence, I think that the right decision to take is to prevent them from getting these places in the government, until the final verdict is made. To counter these shameful facts however, the civil lists (“liste civiche”) have been created. Only those citizens not belonging to any party can join the lists, and usually they have significance at  a local level. However, at the April elections, an agreement between the National Committee for the Civil Lists and the party L’italia dei Valori made possible the opportunity to nominate people from the lists to the Senate and Chamber, through this party. In conclusion, I guess that unfortunately once again these election will tend to be ridiculous, and the democratic process will be almost ignored. Italians will be again disappointed. Let us hope that in falling down we do not get that hurt.


Caterin Franchi UWCAD (07-09)

– United World College Student Magazine –

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