Kenyans breathed a much awaited sigh of relief as an agreement to end the chaos brought about by the irregularities of the 2007 General Elections was signed and made official. The 29th February, 2008 ushered in great joy and jubilation among Kenyans who went out in merry-making grateful for the chance to be able to celebrate a new year and era. 

The agreement which is to re-introduce the post of Prime Minister in the Kenyan constitution was passed by the parliament earlier this week, after weeks of negotiations involving key mediators including former UN Secretary General Koffi Anan at the forefront. In a nutshell, the Executive Prime Minister will supervise ministers and lead government in parliament. Cabinet positions are also to be shared based on the strength of parties in the house. To assist him in his duties, the Prime Minister will have two deputies. 

The proposal seems sound and quite feasible. The task at hand now is finalising the constitutional change and the appointment of persons to take up these positions. The president, Hon.Mwai Kibaki and the prime minister elect, Hon.Raila Odinga are however confident that they will work successfully hand in hand to ensure that peace and stability are maintained in Kenya and that all Kenyans are safe and happy. Thus, Kenyans as a whole begin the journey towards reparation and reconstruction.

However, they take up this task with hope that the worst is truly over and that the past is gone and the future is lovely to behold. Each and every Kenyan bearing the scars of troubling and traumatising times, carries on with these scars as a reminder of what fragile things peace and unity are, and the great need to hang on to them dearly, hopeful that Kenyans as a people will emerge stronger and better and bearing enthusiasm and energy to leap to even higher achievements as a nation. 

Anne Ogake Angwenyi (Kenya, AC07-09)

– United World College Student Magazine –


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