UWC Maastrict to become the 13th member of the family

From the recent UWC National Commitee Newsletter:

At the recent International Board Meeting in Mumbai, the United World
College Maastricht was granted Final Approval and is scheduled to open in the
autumn of 2009. Final Approval was given after detailed work between a Board Task
Force and the UWC Maastricht project team, and the submission of a
comprehensive set of documentation in support of the proposal to the International

The College will educate students from pre-school to upper secondary level,
including day and boarding students. Boarding students undertaking the IB
Diploma will be selected by UWC National Committees, and the project expects
there to be 200 Boarding students at this level from 60 countries by 2015.

English will be the language of instruction. In addition to the standard
subjects, all students will study Dutch as the host country language, as an
essential part of their integration into the community.

As the opening day of UWC Maastricht approaches, National Committees should
expect more information about the nature of programme, facilities, etc. in
preparation for the first intake of students next year.”

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