Surveys and such stuff

For some time now global politics, newspapers, all sorts of discussions, controversies and what not seem to be caught in one election after another. Elections in Iran, Pakistan and South Africa are just some examples and soon in the ring will be Mugabe fighting off a plethora of criticism to have unbridled license to play with Zimbabwe a bit more. But to put to shame them all…the daddy of all elections…

Lo and Behold! The American primaries! Any media outlet worth its salt has gone crazy over this delectable affair. The perpetual crucifying microscope of the world’s media is busy scrutinizing the daring that have put their names forward to rule the world’s lone super power. Who shall be crowned the Alexander of our age? The old, the young, the female, the black, the white, the evangelical, the Mormon, the allegedly religious, the gun-totting Uncle Sam to the appeasing negotiator; in short, everyone was running. But in the end it is Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Mr. McCain who still stand their ground. Under no circumstances was this pioneering magazine, the voice of a global mix of underage reformists, your very own INK, was going to remain behind. So for your exclusive viewing pleasure, we underwent the hardship of conducting a small survey and than actually compiling it in one piece of continuous prose.

We asked 48 non-Americans, 10 Americans and a few enlightened members of staff who would they support for the American Presidency. We agree that it is a very small selection of people and under no overdose of pretentious pride do we say that it is the ultimate most accurate representation. However, our modest claim is that it shall suffice to get a general whiff of the ambience around campus. Out of the 48 non-Americans inquired about this business of the American presidency, to our sheer disappointment, the majority i.e. 22 living and breathing AC souls replied they did not support anyone. The most common complain, understandable considering their ethnicities, was that they just did not have sufficient knowledge to form a sound opinion. However there were others eager to pounce on this opportunity to impress upon us their impeccable knowledge of such intellectual affairs. Out of the 26 opinionated individuals, 19 rest safely in Obama’s lap. Two were brave enough to whisper the name Hillary Clinton, one a committed hard-hitting feminist and another rather pessimistic individual with a disdain of overly enthusiastic orators among whom he ruthlessly slotted Mr. Obama. Two seemed to be wary of the Obama-Clinton debate and said they would support any Democrat who is nominated for the Presidency against the Republicans. Meanwhile, two rather enthusiastic inseparable Germans were brave enough to dip in extremely liberal waters and supported, to this correspondent’s bewilderment, Ralph Nader. But there was only one answer which truly made us proud of the originality present in AC, and which would have no doubt touched even J.S. Mill’s heart. It was indeed a beaming optimistic face which uttered the name P.Diddy. Yes, the one and only P.Diddy, Puff Daddy or Diddy, the epitome of most things American. Even after we had grudgingly informed the said person that P.Diddy was not contesting, to his infinite sorrow no doubt, his loyalty refused to waver. It indeed made us a believer in the recalcitrance of the human soul. 

The 10 Americans (the only people who probably truly matter practically) questioned took the same path as the rest of us. Six of them decided that Obama was their only hope while three sided with Clinton. What was interesting to note is that out of the six Obama supporters one had started out on Clinton’s side but changed her mind midway through the race. What was even more interesting is that only in the American gene pool did we find the only Republican among those questioned! Yes, the lone warrior for the Republican cause, a sole voice for Conservatism and Gun laws was found, after much hunting, in the shape of a notoriously loud voiced American easily spotted around the campus caught in his passionate monologues. At last someone was ready to say out loud: John McCain! Out of the four teachers questioned, three (Ray, Ken and Kate) answered in favour of Obama while Kai said that “all those running are sufficiently decent.” All in all it would be safe to assume that Atlantic College has a distinctly liberal/Democrat flavour and belief in the messages of hope and change. But then again we do live in the land of environment conservation, Bush-bashing, street theatres, one state solution for Israel-Palestine and yes, Sosh.

Written by: Syed Haider Shahbaz


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