Riots in Tibet – View from Beijing

In response to the riots in the major Tibetan city of Lhasa, started half a month ago, the Chinese authorities maintains that the riots involved a ‘tiny minority’ of rebels ‘beating civilians, stealing and damaging properties’. More controversially, the Government accuses the Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, of orchestrating the riots, claiming that it holds important evidence of the Lama’s involvement in organizing the events. However, no such evidence has been disclosed to date. The head of the Tibet self-governing territory Government also dismissed rumours that the Chinese army had fired on the protesting crowd, saying that troops were deployed only to maintain law and order in the city and to assist in rescue work. According to the reports by Wen Wui Po, a Beijing-friendly newspaper in Hong Kong, the troops had helped over 580 people to safety, including foreign tourists. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao also told Reuters news agency that the situation in Tibet was now stable. In comparison to the usual censorship on the news of Tibetan conflicts, the Chinese media’s coverage of the violence in Lhasa can be described as very high-profile this time. On the morning of 15th March, the day after the riots appeared to spread, the state news agency, Xinhua agency, aired images of the streets of Lhasa. This was seen as an act of confidence that the Government of Tibet could contain the riots. The authorities expressed the wish for a swift and peaceful resolution to the violence, and stressed that it was determined to subject the ‘minority of unlawful elements’ causing the troubles to law and imprisonment.  Jennifer Leong (Hong Kong)AC 06-08


One thought on “Riots in Tibet – View from Beijing

  1. Understanding the point you are emphasising on, my opinion is that if the “riots” are works of only few people, how come it has spread to such a large nertwork within a short time? and considering the prohibition of international media and internet sites like youtube being cutoff in tibet, i seriously think that the situation inside tibet is not being reported truthfully.I too hope as a tibetan that there be peace in my land after all these decades, not just in a form of absence of violence but in expression of people’s freedom as well.But we have to accept that clearing the surface is not the solution to this issue.the root causes of injustice and oppression has to be addressed sooner or later..

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