US no longer acting under cover

Kevin Irby (USA, AC07-09)
The Presidential race this time around in the US has been unique, with the decided Republican candidate McCain oddly leaning towards the liberal direction, Hillary Clinton leaning in a more conservative direction, and Obama being brought up around the world and originating from Kenya. Needless to say, the effects of such a selection of candidates have set the US Elections into a slightly different way previously seen for me, and having grown up in a very conservative state, yet the very liberal city in Austin, Texas, I have found myself seeing the US elections in with a very different perspective.



Being my first time outside of the US for the elections, communication back to my friends and family in Texas has shown light onto an interesting characteristic of this election from a traditionally conservative republican state; the “throwing” of votes at Clinton on the basis of party based voting for the intention of her to win the democratic candidate, but lose the election and for it to go towards McCain, the Republican candidate. This is based on the strategic plan to push for the weaker democratic candidate (Clinton in their opinion) so that there is a larger chance of a Republican being elected into office for the fiscal reasons. Most friends and family back home in support of the Republican candidates have also seemed to exude and attitude that against Obama, McCain wouldn’t stand a chance.


Pre-primary for Texas seemed to illustrate a divide between those voting for Obama as the stronger candidate, and those voting for Clinton in hopes of her winning, and in turn hopefully losing. With the primary results out, the divide was nearly 50% towards Clinton and 50% towards Obama. With Texas having the second largest amount of electoral votes in the nation (34), it could potentially have a strong effect on the outcome of the election depending on which way it leans.


I’m unsure of how my state will lean in this election with such a thin margin, yet the attitude from people at home in some way or another is the hope for change, progression, and a new direction. The youth in the US are speaking out and are predicted to have a higher percentage voting than previously seen, which is a great achievement for our generation and for the future of the following generations. Which candidate would be the best, I’m no longer sure, but if I have gained one insight into American elections from being in a UWC it’s this: the World is watching.


Kevin Irby (AC07-09)


– United World College Student Magazine –




2 thoughts on “US no longer acting under cover

  1. Hi Kevin, great article, being abroad has given you a wider scope, and perspective not only on Polictics but many things in general. Very good article, I really enjoyed seeing your views. It certainly is the most interesting year in Politics in my life!
    I have been watching the Pope celebrating Mass in Yankee Stadium.The Catholic Popes are always so loved and revered. At one time George and I studied Catholicism. The trip tp the U>S> cost 10 million and was paid by church members.
    Love you much,,,,,Jace

  2. Enjoyed the article Kevin! You are in such a unique position to observe the presidential election from AC along with so many differing views. Hands down, this is the most interesting election I can recall. The democrats are in such a strong position yet not having a clear choice this late seems to have caused some serious “poilticing”. On the other side the republicans are sitting back saving money and setting strategy to capitalize on the weakness exposed in the democratic primary.
    I enjoy the website and especially the videos showing life at AC through a student’s eyes.
    Also, thanks for leaving any reference to me out of your article!!!


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