Castro “freeing Africa from chains of torture”

Job Ogutu (Kenya, AC06-08 )


The western world has portrayed Cuba’s former leader, Fidel Castro, a dictator. The western media has accused him of all sorts of crimes, from crimes against humanity to corruption. For 49 years, Castro and his country Cuba have been on the receiving end of American hostility and economic blockades. In spite of this the country has stood strong as ever. Like trying to thrust a thorn in a stone wall, the Western world has in vain tried to breakdown Castro, the revolutionist.

In the mid 19th century, when many countries were scrambling for the wealth that was embedded deeply in the beautiful continent of Africa, only Cuba heard the cry of the suffering soul of the African. Castro brought in troops into much of Southern, Central and Western Africa, neither to rob Africa of its richness nor culture, but to free Africa from the chains of torture. Castro sent in soldiers and other officials to Angola, Namibia, Mozambique, Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde and Sao Tome & Principe, in support of the African Liberation struggle. His commitment to Africa during this time brought new hope to the continent, more so in South Africa, a country torn apart by Apartheid.

So, bearing this in mind, as a continent, Africa’s respect for Castro, shall forever remain alive. He was there when the continent needed someone to help them in the struggle against the vicious colonialist. Accusing Castro of crimes against humanity by the western media is rather ironic and hypocritical. The same countries that were once responsible for apartheid, corruption, torture and slavery in Africa are now pointing an accusing finger at a liberator! Castro, Africa salutes you!


– United World College Student Magazine –


One thought on “Castro “freeing Africa from chains of torture”

  1. Nice article Job!
    The American Government and media in particular fail to identify its hypocrisy: whilst it refused to trade with Cuba on grounds of human rights breaches (rarely backed up with evidence), it was actively supporting the oppression of millions in Africa, which Cuba actively fought to end.
    Even now, America, whilst seeking to re-embrace torture on the one hand (assuming, of course that it ever stopped embracing it), is using ‘human rights’ as a thin veil for its attempt to muscle out any progressive governments which attempt to raise the living standards of its populace.
    You might also like to know that Che Guevara himself fought against the truly evil dictator Mobutu in the Zaire civil war, whilst the CIA was found to be supporting his regime.

    Castro, Africa (and Alex) salute you!

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