Danish UWC graduate nominated to receive the Mahabba Awards 2008

Anders Bøtter (Denmark, MUWCI 98-00)


Anders Bøtter (Mahindra UWC of India 1998 – 2000) has been nominated
at the Mahabba Awards 2008. The nomination is granted in recognition
of his work to promote intercultural understanding through the project
“Undskyld Muhammed” (“Sorry Muhammed”), which has sparked a more
plural debate about the Muhammed drawings in Denmark.

“Undskyld Muhammed” is a Facebook group created to promote debate,
which is not filtered by mass media or popular opinion. “Undskyld
Muhammed” has approximately 8500 members and contains intense debates
about freedom of speech, Islam and other religious views, human rights
and international politics. “Undskyld Muhammed” has been nominated in
the category “Event of the year”.

Anders Bøtter will be attending the Mahabba Awards 2008 in Abu Dhabi
from 24th – 26th April.

-United World College Student Magazine-


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