A Journey to the Heart of the Jungle

Harlem Siu Marino Saavedra (Peru, AC 2006-2008) and Alan Utria (Zimbabwe, AC 2006-2008)


13 students, 10 nationalities, 2 countries, 1 adventure: 5 weeks of volunteer work.


This summer 2008, 13 Atlantic College students will be participating in the Peru-Brazil project. It will start on the 6th of June when all students will be arriving at Lima airport, in the Peruvian capital.

We will then make our way to Tarapoto, a city within the Peruvian jungle. There we’ll spend two weeks working in an orphanage and later with an NGO trying to preserve the Amazon.


A boat trip through the Amazon River will then take us to Manaus-Brazil, from where we will take a plane to Rio de Janeiro-Brazil where we will spend two weeks teaching Basic English in a school located in one of the Brazilian “favelas”.


Brazil-Peru Project 2008 intends to provide social and environmental services to the impoverished regions of these South American countries. The project members, as UWC students, are attempting to take advantage of youth and give something back to the world community. This project will move about substantially; it is our hope that we will work effectively in different regions gaining a broad interaction with a variety of people, striking connections we hope will last longer than the few short weeks we will be there- but rather into future generations of this project. We hope to touch the lives of the people we will be working with, but also know that the project will increase our own life experiences and educate us in ways academics never could. 


– United World College Student Magazine – 


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