LAC-EU gives chance for inter-continental co-operation

Ruth Tiffany Acevedo Cruses (Peru, AC 07-09)

The President of Peru, Dr. Alan García Pérez, today officially launched the V Summit of Heads of States and Governments of Latin America, the Caribbean and the European Union (LAC-EU). The summit will take place on May 16 in Peru and will for the first time bring together 60 heads of states and governments to address topics of interest for Peru and the other regions.

The LAC-EU Summit will take place from May 13 to May 17 at the National Museum where a modern Convention Center will be set up to host the Heads of States who will examine specific initiatives on two major themes: “Poverty, inequality and inclusion” and “Sustainable Development: the environment, climate change and energy.”

The Meetings of Ministers of Foreign Affairs and the High Ranking Officials of Government, as well as the II LAC-EU Entrepreneurial Meeting, will take place before the Heads of State summit.

The LAC-EU is of utmost important for Peru and Latin American countries because of the European Union’s condition as the globe’s most sound and solid political and economic bloc, that is also a major partner of Latin America and the Caribbean, and the largest single source of foreign investment in Peru. It is additionally the largest source of non-reimbursable multilateral cooperation. In the last decade, the European Union has contributed 420 million euros to social projects, in addition to cooperation for development provided by its individual member countries.

It is noteworthy that relations between the two continents have improved significantly in the last thirty years. Latin America, the Caribbean and the European Union share values like respect for human rights, democratic principles and multilateralism.

– United World College Student Magazine –

One thought on “LAC-EU gives chance for inter-continental co-operation

  1. Hola que tal, bueno con respecto a lo de la cumbre a mi parecer son buenas y malas por que creo que a la vez que crea fuente de trabajo tambien es una cortina de humo que hacen los gobernantes para decir al pueblo que ya estan solucionados sus problemas, cuando en si a mi parecer esto deberia solucionarse bajando el sueldo al presidente, congresistas y asesores, etc, etc, que gozan de la satisfaccion de tener todas las comodidades, eso que dicen por la igualdad, por que muchos estudiantes hasta el dia de hoy luchan por el medio pasaje, bueno en fin el tema principal que la cumbre tiene aspectos positivos como negativos, aunque tambien el peru estubo en vista del mundo por ser un evento de mayor envergadura.

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