Ex-student awarded Goldman Sachs Global Leadership Award

Atlantic College sends its congratulations to former student Amina Adewusi (AC 06) who has been awarded the title of Goldman Sachs Global Leader by the Institute of International Education and The Goldman Sachs Foundation. Each year 150 students are selected from close to 100 top universities and colleges in 19 countries. Amina is one of eight students who have been selected from London School of Economics, Imperial and Oxbridge to represent the United Kingdom. Each student is awarded US$3,000 and the chance to receive an all-expense-paid trip to represent the group at the Global Leadership Institute in New York in July 2008.

Amina says: “As I approach the end of my second year at the LSE this award acts as a good milestone to reflect upon my past achievements and to make new goals for the future. In an increasingly globalized world with widening inequalities I hope to contribute to the the fight against poverty and work for increased international understanding. I would like to decrease the alarming inequalities in educational achievement in the UK and I have made this my life-project.”

– United World College Student Magazine –


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