Atlantic College planting Pumpkins

Andrea D. Mihic (Switzerland, AC 07-09)

The Atlantic College Board of Governors has approved Principal Neil Richard’s educational goals for the College. Amongst others, Atlantic College is striving to become a self-sustaining campus over the next couple of years, so as to fulfill its mission of sustainibility. Furthermore, contacts should be established with the local community and a performance based arts education is to be introduced. The IDP centre and EMC will be developed. Finally, an Atlantic College diploma is envisaged, which would run parallel to the IB diploma and highlight the commitment to community and service UWC students show. The eight goals are now being costed and will be presented at the Board meeting in June.

Life at Atlantic College will probably be very different next year, but we are all looking forward to starting to live out our mission statement, rather than just have it in the back of our heads. Before summer, the first pumpkins are going to be planted at the back of the student houses! With the positive UWC spirit we all feel, Niel’s goals, although demanding, are much appreciated amongst the student body and we are all looking forward to implementing them.

For details of the proposal:

– United World College Student Magazine – 


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