UWC Graduates raising funds for Indian orphan admitted to Atlantic College


Earlier this year, a very dedicated group of Raku’s friends got together and helped him apply (successfully) to Atlantic College. Most of us met Raku at the orphanage where he has lived much of his life in a small village in Himachal Pradesh, India. Many of us have worked in this orphanage as part of the UWC-sponsored Kullu Volunteer Project. We were all extremely impressed by Raku’s intelligence and diligence; he has an open and sincere mind and a passionate drive to succeed. Needless to say, he made a deep and lasting impression on all of us, and we are thrilled and humbled to be working on his behalf.

Raku has lived all his life in Himachal Pradesh, and few of the boys at his orphanage have ever left the state, let alone the country. The opportunity for Raku to study at a United World College is, for want of a better word, awesome.

Having achieved our primary goal of gaining Raku acceptance to a UWC, it is now up to us to raise the funds to ensure that he can attend. If we do not succeed in this, all of our efforts up to now will have been in vain.

We hope you will spread the word about our cause and help us raise this scholarship. Donations of any amount will be deeply appreciated; if you are unable to donate you can help by telling your friends. As Raku will be starting school in the Fall, time is of the essence—please don’t wait to get the word out.

With gratitude on behalf of the Friends of Raku,

William Mateo, MUWCI ’06

Please support Kullu project in helping Raku attend Atlantic College. Any donations will go directly towards Raku’s fee payment and help get him one step closer to fulfilling his dream of being a UWC graduate.
If you have ideas about fund raising or any other suggestions please feel free to email me at gma9@sfu.ca

Thank you for your time and your support.

Join the Facebook-Cause: Kullu Project UWC Sponsorship Fund

Donate online at: Atlanticcollege.org or: Facebook.com

– United World College Student Magazine –


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