International Summer School brings together UWC students

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Daniel Prinz (Hungary, AC 07-09)

The International Summer School on Climate Change and the Water Cycle was the first of what is planned to be a series of Summer Schools taking place at the United World College of the Adriatic (UWCAD). UWCAD is located in a village called Duino, near Trieste in Italy and is one of the foremost members of the United World College movement accepting only full scholarship students from about 80 countries around the world. The student population also includes music and physics scholars, that is the college dedicates a number of its scholarships to students with special talents in these fields. The physics scholarship programme is also run in cooperation with local research centres like The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP). The college also organized the summer school together with ICTP and the WATCH. The school was attended by students from 11 UWCs (UWCAC, UWCAD, RCNUWC, UWC Mostar, UWC Costa Rica, UWC-USA, Pearson, MUWCI, UWCSEA, LPCUWC and UWC Swaziland). Two Italian students outside of the UWC movement were also invited to attend the conference as well.

The official part of the summer school had three elements: we heard lectures from experts of climate science, oceanography, climate modelling, climate change ethics etc.; we watched three films on climate change (Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, The Great Global Warming Swindle and Six Degrees of Climate Change) and reflected critically upon them and also did individual project work. The project work was a very short research essay on a chose climate change related topic ranging from the water cycle to the Kyoto Protocol and from climate change in the media to the ethics of the climate change. The summer school provided us a very good insight into the most recent developments of climate research and the related disciplines from the basics (first lecture: The climate system) to a final lecture given on the specification of a probable solution (The role of CO2 storage technology in mitigating the climate change). The lecturers came from various places, mostly from ICTP and Wageningen University (The Netherlands). At the end of the summer school at the closing ceremony important personalities of research institutes and the regional authorities gave speeches as well as Michele Zanetti, the president of the college and Marc Abrioux, the principal. The organisers of the summer school,  Claudio Piani (ICTP) and Eliana Camacho (UWCAD) along with selected student participants gave the outcome of the conference, a book containing our project works in a printed format to Mr. Zanetti.Beside the official programme this initiative was very helpful to contribute to the exchange of ideas between the UWCs by taking students from the colleges together. We learnt about the traditions of the different campuses, the differences in our CAS-programmes, thought and laughed together. The week also included a visit to Venice and to a local pizzeria.

The rich programme and the opportunities gave us a really enjoyable week, save the constant rain.

– United World College Student Magazine –

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