UWC’s newest Colleges celebrate their first graduations

UWC GraduationAt the end of May, UWC’s newest Colleges, UWC in Mostar and UWC Costa Rica celebrated the graduations of the pioneering class of 2008.   

UWC in Mostar opened in 2006 in the restored Mostar Gymnasium, an existing school teaching two curricula separately for Croat and Bosniak students. UWC in Mostar, based on a single floor of the Gymnasium offers a single curriculum for all its students – drawn from all national groups of Bosnia and Herzogovina as well as overseas. It is part of the innovative UWC-IBO Initiative in Bosnia and Herzegovina which aims to contribute to the post-conflict reconstruction of education in the region.
In Mostar, 88 students from 18 countries walked through the city in their graduation gowns before being presented with certificates at the Herceg Stjepan Kosača centre.  Keynote speaker Keith Clark, Executive Director, UWC International Office said “Here in Mostar, the direct significance of the UWC mission statement cannot be avoided: to make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. The need to unite is here; the need for peace is here; it is all around you, it is in your school, it in your community, it is ever present”.     

UWC Costa Rica opened in 2006 and is the first UWC to offer a bilingual IB programme, with subjects taught both in Spanish and in English.  The College was originally founded as an International SOS College in 2000.

76 students from 52 countries participated in the graduation ceremony that was the culmination of a weekend of activities, including a Brazilian Evening, a picnic lunch, a formal dinner organised by the teaching staff members and a shared breakfast for all the community before the ceremony. Derek Blackman, of the UWC International Board, speaking at the ceremony said: “this ceremony is especially important because of course you who are graduating today have been true pioneers. You have played a unique part in establishing the traditions of the United World College Costa Rica, in creating its very character in its first two years.”    

UWC International would like to thank everyone for their role in making the first two years of both Colleges such a success; the College heads, teachers, board members and current students, as well as the graduating class of 2008. 

From: www.uwc.org

– United World College Student Magazine –

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