Reunion and donations


Good news from Atlantic College Reunion 2008! The class of 1978 raised a total £39,000 from a syndicate of 23 people which will fund a full scholarship for a student from Tibet to attend Atlantic College in 2008 – 2010. In addition to the class scholarship, the class of 1978 is also giving £3,500 each year through annual giving. Well done 78ers!

The class of 1988 has also kick started its scholarship campaign with nearly £4,500 from a syndicate of eight people and a further sixteen ex-students will be giving £3,500 annually.

There was another fantastic effort from our youngest reunion gang, 33 ex-students from the class of 1998 have pledged to donate £3,600 annually to the scholarship campaign.

Over the weekend we raised a total of £43,000 in single gifts and a further £10,500 will be donated to the scholarship fund on an annual basis. A MASSIVE thanks from all of us here at Atlantic College. We hope you all had a fantastic weekend and enjoyed yourselves as much as we did!

– UWC Student Magazine –


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