Life without any support from any side but God

A group of Atlantic College Students went to Tanzania in Summer 2008 in order to help out with a local school. Fadhil, one of the 70 students attending the Hananasif Orphanage Academy in Dar-Es-Salaam, has been asked to write down the story of his life. He is 19 years old and is completing Form 2 (Grade 8). Please notice that the text has only been very slightly edited, as we tried to keep it in its original form.

My name is Fadhil.

I am the third child in my family and have three sisters and one brother. I am a boy.

Before I was born my mother had someone who was living with her, a boyfriend. After two years my mother got pregnant from the boyfriend. After my mother got pregnant, the boy run away and left my mum alone. The baby that was born, was me and the one who left my mum, was my father. So my father run away before my birth.

My mama had many problems but she did not got any support from any side but God till I was born. After growing up I asked my mother about father and she informed me about this.

My mother lived in a difficult situation and asked herself  how she will care for me, my basic needs, because she had no husband, job or something which she could do in order to get money. But Mama was fighting for any matter in order to help me and God helped her for me to be growing. I was loving my mother and I will love her forever in my life; even when she passed away.

I asked myself who is my father and why he decided to do that and to leave my mother when I was in stomach of my mother.

It’s pain to writing this but it’s already occurred and there is nothing I can do about it. Also it is difficult but I ask God to help me to forgive my father for what he had done to my mother and me. Noone but God himself knows the situation that made my father run away. Let me stop here about my history because it’s very long history.

Hananasif Secondary School for me is very good place. For me, no Hananasif no education. For me, this is my hope. If I could not getting this no one could helped me to be in a school and I pray to God to helping in my study in order to get the thing which will be bigger help and I am not sure if I will be out of this school I can get education on another place if no one will help me.

Also I have young brother and sister they depend on me to help and I have nothing to help them and I living far from them. My young sister she already finished primary education also she has no hope or I can say she lost hope when she will be in a school. And who will help her and she will get education? Several times I asking by myself: If we will live without to be educated which kind of life we will live.

Now I have a problem because for thinking much in which situation I will be living. I have a lot of pressure because of this and I have already done many kind of jobs but nothing in order to save my family.

Thank you, God bless you.

– United World College Student Magazine –

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