“US doesn’t need four more years of the last eight years”

Kevin Irby (US, AC 07-09)

After months of battling between the Democratic candidates, Hillary Clinton and Senator Barack Obama, the anticipated three day convention for the split Democratic Party has arrived. With well-known Democratic leaders from every corner of the U.S. delivering speeches, congressmen showing their support for Obama, and citizens from Democratic and Republican backgrounds demonstrating their support as well, Barack Obama officially accepted the Democratic nomination on Thursday the 28th.


From the content of many of the speeches, primarily those by well-known icons in the Democratic party such as Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, and President Clinton, two primary strategies were used to address the split within the party; Hillary Clinton employed one of the two by continuously associating McCain with Bush and the current administration saying that we “don’t need four more years of the last eight years”. Other speeches as well even stated that “it’s hard to tell them apart now”, regarding McCain’s siding with Bush’s administration on 90% of current affairs. The second most noticeable strategy noticed was to seemingly use the split within the party for political momentum by repeatedly asking for “unification” by all Democrats supporting Obama, pushing for the fact that they want the Democrats to come back into administration.


Another key component of the Democratic Convention was Obama’s choice of prospective Vice President, Joe Biden. Joe Biden is an experienced member of the U.S. Senate, and has served as the Chairman for both the Senate Judiciary Committee, as well as the Foreign Relations Committee. This choice by Obama seems to have been done in order to address one of the prime arguments he has been struggling against: Experience. From what I’ve heard as a response by my fellow Americans here and connections back home, his move seems to have been an effective decision and some of the split in the party may be able to be healed. However, this can’t be known for sure until the general election is in full swing. Despite all this, one thing must not be overlooked: McCain still has a large chance at gaining Presidency. Despite this convention and the media portraying Obama as the forefront leader in the race, many of McCain’s conservative policies and financial stances are going to still be supported by a large percentage of Americans.

Also, with both the House of Representatives and the Senate containing a majority of Democrats, the ploy for the President to be Republican in order to offer a sort of political equilibrium within the administration has become another view that has caused Moderates, Conservatives, and Republicans alike to reconsider. Even with the race defined down to two candidates, the way in which America will go is still unsure, yet one thing that is for sure is that the next four years of American policy depend heavily on this election swinging one way or another, depending on who becomes the next President of the US.

– United World College Student Magazine –


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