Nine days remaining until the big day…

Ádám Szakál (Hungary, AC 08-10)


On September 9, 2008, a new generation of Atlantic College students will be called into life. Unitedwords has asked one of them, Adam from Hungary, to write about his feelings before coming here.


I really do not know what I should write and I am not a good article writer, but now I am trying this because I have promised it to a kind girl.:) As I am writing this, there are only nine days remaining until the big day. This certain big day is the 9th of September, for which I believe every new AC student is waiting for. When I first heard about UWC, I did not think that one day I would a UWC student. Now, I’m waiting for September 9.

In the application procedure, we first had to send in a written application. Then there were two winnowing sessions with only five people remaining in the end, all of which would study in one of the UWC schools. It was the best time of my life when I opened the envelope and the letter said that I won the scholarship. I was so happy that I was jumping around the house. Only one thing was better than this, and that was when I got  to know that I would go to AC.

Then I learnt a lot of things about AC and my second-year mate also helped me a lot and I’m very thankful to him. In this year, students from Hungary go to Singapore, Norway, Canada and Italy.

My big dream came true when winning this scholarship. I had always dreamt about studying in a multicultural environment like AC and since I got to know that I would study there, I have been over the moon. I always say I wish the 9th of September would finally come and once I have also dreamt about AC.

Certainly it will be difficult, and it is also hard at the moment. It’s hard to leave my Hungarian life, my friends, the beautiful Hungarian girls and, of course, my family.

My classmates and my desk mate always say: ’please, don’t go, who will I talk with about my problems?’

They were very nice and organized a goodbye party for me, which was a secret party, and it could be considered a very big event in our class as it had never been done before.

On the other hand AC is worth it. I’m very into the whole project, the life there, the people, the castle… I’m very excited ! I wish it would be the 9th of September !!


– United World College Student Magazine –


One thought on “Nine days remaining until the big day…

  1. While i was reading that text, i couldnt stop thinking, ”I wish it was me writing that ” I feel exactly the same way about uwc that Ádám Szakál. It’s a dream imagine me going to one of the 12 (almost 13) uwc college; a dream that i hope one day come true. I wish Adam the best things during this 2 years at AC.
    Kisses from Portugal !!

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