Students protesting for Human Rights in Cardiff

Marion Eele (UK, AC07-09), My Tra Dang (Germany, AC07-09), Björn Bremer (Germany, AC07-09)


More than 100 students from all over the World will descend upon Cardiff’s Queen Street today (Saturday, 25th October) to raise awareness of human rights issues in Palestine.

Members of the Amnesty International Youth Group at Atlantic College will be a performing a street theatre in protest against the Israeli wall in Palestine.

Israel military forces began the construction of the wall in 2002 on the grounds of security. The wall prevents free movement between Palestinian towns and villages, has separated many from their property and limits access to employment and healthcare.


The students aim to raise awareness about this human rights issue through the medium of drama, but also to obtain signatures for a petition, which will be sent to the Israeli government. The petition urges the Israeli government to allow Palestinians to move feely and to remove the wall from all Palestinian territories.

 Cathy Owens, Programme Director for Wales, Amnesty International, said:

“Israel’s quite legitimate security concerns are no excuse for blatant violations of international law, nor the mistreatment of thousands of Palestinians in a massive programme of collective punishment.”


“Its great to see young people here in Wales raising their voices to support people thousands of miles away who are suffering daily, and I am sure that their innovative protest will remind us of the freedoms we continue to enjoy.”


-United World College Student Magazine-







One thought on “Students protesting for Human Rights in Cardiff

  1. I appreciate the passion of young people and their desire to make a stand and influence. I was myself an AC student (long ago, 1979-1981).

    It is a pitty, though, that the protest against the wall in the west bank fails to understand the reason behind this wall – Israeli civilians are constantly threatend by Palestinian terrorists and the wall effectively reduced this threat.

    A country must take actions to protect its civilians against terrorist attacks. The Palestinian Authority was granted autonomy but failed to contain the terrorist activities coming from their side.

    Would the UK not do the same if they becoame under constant threat of terror?

    I am sorry for the short-sighted (one-sided) attitude the AC community is exhibiting, but I am not surprised. IT is the current trend…

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