Atlantic College Students stand up for Human Rights


Björn Bremer (Germany, AC07-09)
“Are you bald enough to stand up for Human Rights?” On Friday, the 10th of October, 22 students from 17 different countries studying at Atlantic College were brave enough to do so. 18 boys and four girls were brave enough to shave their head in order to raise awareness about global Human Rights violations.



On a Friday night, they were waiting to loose their hair in St. Donat’s Castle. One after each other lost its locks and was thereafter celebrated by their fellow students. Several bold students can now be seen around the college campus. In classes, in the dining hall, in the common rooms; everywhere, the 22 students are making an impressive statement. Sacrificing their hair was a striking everyday demonstration for Human Rights in Atlantic College’s international community.



Annually the Amnesty International Group at Atlantic College is organising the head shaving in order to raise awareness about Human Rights issues as well as to raise funds. This year, more than £ 853.50 was raised in total from many fellow students who were willing to support the cause. The money raised will be used to finance several student organised Amnesty actions within the next few months. Such initiatives for Human Rights include the annual Letter Writing Campaign and Street Theatres in Cardiff. This year’s first event is a Street Theatre and will take place on the 25th October in Cardiff. More than 100 Atlantic College Students will protest against the Wall in Palestine as a severe violation of Human Rights.



-United World College Student Magazine-


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