Education: the Key to Life

Michelle Therese Asuncion (The Philippines, AC 08-10), Gala von Nettelbladt (Germany, AC 08-10)

“Learning is a conversation; I learned most not from those who taught me but from those who talked with me.” – St. Augustine

“Tell me and I forget; Show me and I remember; Let me do it and I understand.”

Exemplifying the great significance of education, Atlantic College hosted on the 31st of October, 2008 an exciting educational conference entitled “Over-Schooled but Under-Educated: A Conference Exploring Visions for the Future of Education”. Atlantic College, founded to be a leading force in education, aimed with this conference to unite experts, staff and students to explore, discover and work on the genuine meaning of education.

The conference highlighted the importance of education in people’s lives. The presence of renowned professionals was certainly part of the reason for the conference’s success – people such as keynote speaker John Abbot gave the audience many essential points to ponder on far beyond the duration of their speeches. Other guests included Bob Smith, who works with Educational Aide Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Jane Hutt, the Welsh Assembly Minister for Education, Tim Toyne Sewell, Chair of United World Colleges (UWC), Keith Clark , the Director of the UWC International Office and a number of Atlantic College Governors. In addition, Atlantic College students from various cultural backgrounds shared their views on education with the audience. Later, there was also room for panel discussions and open brainstorming sessions. While all parts of the conference were deemed highly inspiring, John Abbott was the person to catch the fascination of the audience. John Abbott is the author of the forthcoming book entitled “Over-Schooled and Under-Educated” and President of the “21st Century Learning Initiative”. The essential purpose of this Initiative is to facilitate the emergence of new approaches to learning that draw upon a range of insights into the human brain, the functioning of human societies, and learning as a community-wide activity.

John Abbott addressed his audience with questions such as: “What kind of education for what kind of world? What are powerful and therefore effective learning experiences? What is going wrong in education today? How can we prepare ourselves for the future?“

Every person in the room came up with their individual answers. The fact that everybody thinks differently about education and thereby about life and the human being is probably the key to these questions. We don’t need to focus on single aspects; education is rather the entire process of experiences in different parts of life. In school we are developing the intellect, in the community we are getting inspiration and at home we are learning about emotions.

“Learning is a consequence of thinking” says John Abbott. If we recognize this we will be able to make a different in this world.

– United World College Student Magazine –


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