AN interview with David Hawley, Head of UWC Pearson

The UWC heads meeting held at Atlantic College, strived to determine the future of the UWC movement, and celebrated the differences within the colleges.  As the heads and other central figures in UWC movement hid themselves in the glass-room for hours of discussions, the lesser informed members of the college might have been forgiven for completely missing this opportunity. However,   United Words was lucky enough to secure some time between the attendee’s hectic schedule for brief interviews with some of the heads.  Within the next few weeks, United Words members will share the conversations that they had with some of the leading figures of the UWC movement. We will make a start with David Hawley, interviewed by Jessamyn McArdle (AC 07-09).

Punctuating the ends of my sentences with ‘Sweet!’ it was difficult to believe that I was talking to David Hawley, the  Director of UWC Pearson College.  But then again, maybe Pearson College, nestled between the coast and forests of the West coast of Canada, breeds this sort of laid back, familiar approach.  How could such an ideal setting not influence the attitude of the college and its members?  Even the unique style in which the school handles the discussion of college-wide issues, links back to the geography and history of Canada, and the natives who used to live on the land.  ‘The Village’, as it is known, is a gathering of the whole college (around 200 people, staff included) where everyone has an equal opportunity to voice their opinion.  These discussions happen once there are 8 items on the agenda, and are chaired by two students (one in first year, one in second) who will have received training in how to facilitate dialogue.  This illustrates just one of the many ways that the colleges of the UWC movement differ, not only from other International Colleges, but also, from each other. 





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