AN interview with Dr John Lawrenson, Director of the Red Cross Nordic UWC

Lena Goergen (Germany, AC 07-09)

Interviewing Dr John Lawrenson, Director of the Red Cross Nordic UWC in Norway his enthusiasm and passion for the UWC ideals and the Colleges’ mission were easy to sense throughout.

Dr John Lawrence started his time in the UWC movement at Atlantic College where he worked for many years before he was appointed head of the UWC in Norway seven years ago. Having experienced the life in two United World Colleges he sees the special element of the UWC movement in the multicultural and multinational origins and backgrounds of its students. Being asked what the main difference between a UWC and a general international school is, Dr Lawrence described the ethical learning that only takes place at the colleges and that is one of the college life’s most important components. In his eyes it mainly takes place in the nonacademic life of the students; in their CAS hours and their service times, in the process of giving to the community and committing oneself fully to it.

Being asked about his ideas for the future of the United World Colleges Dr Lawrenson sees pressing issues facing the movement. He allocates the main task for the next years in the balancing of its coinstantaneous opening and stabilising and hopes the movement will again work towards the leading educational position it was in, in the early years of its existence.

– United World College Student Magazine –

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