Mostar students “forced to go out and solve international issues” – interview with the head of the latest UWC

Zainab Syed (AC 08-10)

Sitting in the AC castle dining hall it is interesting to see that in a place like UWC Mostar, where there is no communal dining hall, let alone a castle, we, the students and Mr. Regan, the head of UWC Mostar share the same goals for the UWC movement.

Mostar is one of the latest additions to the UWC movement. Located in the post war region of Bosnia-Herzegovina, the school is set in a community that is still recovering from war. This gives the community service requirement of the IB a whole new meaning because, unlike lifeguards and CAVRA, who train to so that they have the potential to save lives,  these students are actively involved in restoring stability to post war victims. The circumstances do not allow them to live in a bubble. They are forced to go out and take part in solving international issues that become immediate for them the moment they enter that society.

And this is what sets the UWC movement apart. There are many other international IB schools that focus on community service. But it is UWC that can go into troubled areas and restore peace through education. It is UWC that can bring together people from over 100 different nationalities and break stereotypes. This, says Regan, is what will save the UWC-movement, which is otherwise in danger of being lost in mediocrity.

– United World College Student Magazine –


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