Waitresses and fire-people

Tariq Omarshah (AC 06-08, Zimbabwe)

EU leaders in their vital political capacities have decided to ban the terms “Miss” and “Mrs” as forms of address as they are sexist. Frau and Fraeulein and other language equivalents also do not escape the new politically correct rules of the European Parliament, as stated in the recently issued “Gender-Neutral Language” pamphlet. Unfortunately, there seems to be general consensus that terms such as ‘waiter’ and ‘waitress’ will still be used as “no gender-neutral term has been successfully proposed”. Perhaps an issue to be resolved at an upcoming summit? Or even better, it could be used to provide some substance and direction to Harriet Harman’s planned high-profile Women’s Conference. As we continue to strive alongside our ‘political leaders’ (as they are now termed) for ‘gender neutrality’ it is a wonder where we would be without them. May they continue to work for our interests, dealing with such central issues to the future of European development.

In good faith, Mr. Tariq Tobias Omarshah

– United World College Student Magazine –


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