“Spreading the United World Spirit through the air”

Atlantic College Radio – Spreading the United World College spirit through the air. A Radio Show which is founded, organised and produced unilaterally by Atlantic College students. It seeks to provide a platform to discuss the differences and similarities of a wide range of cultures represented by students from all over the world no matter what social or economic background. It is the hope that this show will become a mechanism through which the unique ideas and creative vision of the United World Colleges can be exchanged and circulated. Furthermore, it will give those not yet familiar with the United World College community some insight into its motivating forces in their most energetic and exciting form.

We were very proud to present our pilot show in April 2009, which we hope will inspire other United World Colleges to follow our path. In this very first show we interviewed Atlantic College students from Israel and Palestine. The objective was to emphasize the unique cultural and personal identities of the region and give an understanding of life outside of the scope of the highly publicized violent conflict in the area.

All shows will appear on in the internet http://www.unitedwords.org as a way of expressing the vision of Atlantic College through yet another medium.

The hosts of Atlantic College Radio
Severin Engelmann (Germany), Dylan Hitchcock-Lopez (Alaska)


3 thoughts on ““Spreading the United World Spirit through the air”

  1. Heissa, smashing idea! Where can we listen to the first show? Apparently there are some people in Mostar who do something similar – perhaps you could do something together…

    Beste Grüße, Vali

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