A Month before Arriving at Atlantic Cult (College)

Jonathan Hadad (AC ’09-’11)

We Zero-Years were asked to write for the UnitedWords magazine about our expectations for the next two years at Atlantic College, and what better tool to help me than the notorious social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them? We all love to hate Facebook for being another guilty pleasure that bites off hours of our lives. It’s the ultimate long-distance relationship killer or keeper, depending on how much effort you’re willing to make other than just being another name on a friend-list. I’m sure that zero-years everywhere are looking for different ways to communicate with loved ones, and newfound friends after they arrive at AC. I hope Facebook will help us do that. 

To any group of people that has a connection through a certain establishment, a cult for instance, a Facebook group is inevitably conjured. Members can then share their thoughts, hopes and embarrassing “sppeling mestaces” with the rest of the group. But rest assured, while scanning other members’ profiles, more interesting facts also arise.

For example, who wouldn’t have thought that every single student attending UWCAC is a genius, athlete, and/or cosmopolitan super model? Those are the kind of thoughts you have when you stress out about next year, hoping that when you actually get there, it won’t be as hard as you expected it to be. You hope it won’t be as bad because everybody else might be fearing the same. They will probably be just as frightened as you are, positive that they will bring sorrow and disappointment upon their entire family, or maybe even their entire nation!

Concerning the “Harry Potter dream come true” issue, I have something to say. Obviously, we will have a castle and will get selected according to our “magical skills.” However, with no offense, after watching the sixth Harry Potter Movie, I would honestly much rather attend AC than Hogwarts.

We are truly going to have one of the most enlightening experiences of our lives. I can’t imagine it not being so. Meeting and living with people from around the world for two years is something I won’t forget very easily. I’ve spent the last two years studying and living in a boarding school in Israel that brings together religious and secular, Arabs and Jews, and I’ve been absolutely fascinated with the variety of people I’ve spent my time with. I imagine AC will be similar but on a much larger scale, the largest possible. We are undeniably privileged. Through this experience, I’m expecting to have a clearer and wider image of the world we live in and to strengthen my identity as a responsible, international citizen of the world.

Most of us will have to make a sacrifice and leave behind family and friends oceans and continents away. From my experience, the real connections we have will last and even get stronger, and those which don’t will fade away elegantly and be replaced by new ones. People look for love and find it no matter where they go.

Finally, I hope to become involved with the UnitedWords newspaper and have time to write with the demanding schedule I’m expecting. Dancing around bonfires in traditional Israeli costumes, which in fact don’t really exist, and chanting in Welsh takes up a lot of time. Fine, the UWC of the Atlantic is not a cult. I just thought it could be fun for once to be a member of one. I hope Freemasons have openings.

-United World College Student Magazine-


One thought on “A Month before Arriving at Atlantic Cult (College)

  1. My dearest first year,
    expect another phone call very soon. I have something to tell you.

    Great article, fantastic writing.
    And see you soon! (:

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