Six Days before going to RNC: Excitement and Fears

Angelika Benz (Germany, RCN  09-11)


My name is Angelika and I’m attending Red Cross Nordic United World College from this summer on. The opportunity to get in touch with various different cultures, people from everywhere is a great chance and I’m glad I can take it.  Since it’s only six days to go until my big move I’m getting exited about what is going to be different from my ordinary life in a German city.

 Since the Norwegian college is especially isolated from the population (it is situated right on the coast but the closest city is pretty far away  I expect the next two years to become intensive. I hope to find both close friends and time for my very own within this tough environment and I am worrying about what it will be like to share a room with four other girls.

 I look forward to be in classes with ambitious and interested students who are aware of the opportunity they get. Interesting and controversial discussions on burning subjects can certainly be held in a way which is much more demanding because people from different backgrounds will participate.

  I expect life at a United World College to be full of new discoveries and I hope I can take the chance and try out a lot of unknown things such as sports and arts. Unfortunately I had to give up a lot of leisure activities, which carries me to the next point: quitting your familiar environment. Everyone who ever decided to leave home at the age of 16 knows how strange it feels to go when all your friends do not even think about it. I am glad to get to know the world but in two years you’ll have to quit this world and great people again not knowing whether you might see them ever again. Though, it depends on you and your commitment and this comprehension I want to tighten at a United World College.

  I know that politicians and supporters of the Colleges see us as the world’s future leaders. The trustful attitude towards their students distinguishes the United World Colleges from a lot of other schools but I wonder if every student can stand these expectations.

 At the moment I actually try not to think to detailed about what will be in store for me. I have already passed some wonderful days with the other German students and I know it’ll all be fine no matter how horrible the food might be or how strict the rules. I am sure it will be a wonderful time.

-United World College Student Magazin-


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