Teaching and houseparenting at a UWC

Jon Morten (Teacher and House Parent, AC) 

What can best describe AC Life for a teacher and houseparent? The very short commuting distance? The ridiculous working hours? The IB bureaucracy? The raised voices of students, leaning forward on their desks, intense, allowing you to lean back, smiling? Realising you have students smarter than yourself? The unbelievable release of energy in the first September assembly, which makes you believe in everything again? The euphoria in the dayroom at weekend check-ins? The good conversations with the baby sitters long after check-in? Someone knocking at 11 in the evening? At 9 Sunday morning? The almost physical sensation of suddenly seeing the castle again after you got used to it? Or maybe sitting on the bench below the Art Centre on a lazy summer’s day, no students around? Glimpses of mundane black wooden student houses through autumn leaves? The wind and the rain? The crisp morning light, turning Mt. Snowdon red before you set out with the students? To sit at Leaver’s Dinner and try to remember how the students looked like two years ago? To realise that they actually are different people? To realise that AC life does something to me as well? Not wanting to be any other place.

– United World College Student Magazine –


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