Beyond the A-Sea

Diana Hyunh (Vietnam/Norway AC 09-11)

First-year. The taste of the words is just not quite the same as it was previous to the autumn months, when everything was still unknown and the excitement so thrilling. Fast forward three months, it is December and everyone rushes off to the gates of the College. All leaving with memories still fresh of induction, camp, codes, sosh, escapades, service, activities and all other things in between that first term brought so amusing.  

Nevertheless, as we all know, the end of a term marks the beginning of another. No one knows what the flavours hold for second semester. Despite what the second years share, the experience is with no doubt personal to each individual. One thing is certain for most, if not everybody; before long the process of taking that one step closer to the future awaits, and with that the decision making.

I know I want to become a human rights lawyer. Or perhaps I want to study political sciences; becoming a diplomat. If that fails, maybe I’ll try photography. I want to design interior. I want to write for the New York Times, but if that fails, I’ll open a gallery.

All the dreams. I get lost in hope and aspirations, possibilities and pressure, wonderment and bewilderment. At AC there is no such thing as the ordinary life, yet you get accustomed to the daily routines and the weekly happenings. So when watching a foreign film, tasting new food, coming across a piece of music, or a conversation that excites and inspire, I ought to clench to it and not let go until I see creativity emerging of my own.

There is naught, because living on campus always requires me to catch up with life. I wish for productivity and efficiency, because there is no time to be squandered. Yet, upholding the balance of school, inter alia, sleep, social life, laundry and plans must be done within the hours of a day. Where do the dreams fit in?

Especially at a place like AC, future talks are common and people try to plan their life accordingly. It’s just difficult to know which trail to blaze, when there are so many to follow. As with anything in life, AC has room to improve, particularly aspects regarding the rigor of its academics. However, it also offers the chance before you go on to make the big decisions in life to try and do all there is, fail, and try and do it all over again. All these opportunities – in the midst of the frenzy and confusion of fulfilling those ambitions – are also exactly what makes this place incredibly special.

Coming to Atlantic College is perhaps not the place for dreaming. But it is where you will feel more alive and awake (literally) than you have ever been in your life. And so until I leave through those gates one last time, maybe then I will find the time to dream.

In the meantime the going will get tough, and all the diligent people here will get going.

 – United World College Student Magazine –


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