A Continued story

This is a small story, which is composed by 12 students from Atlantic College. A poster was put up In front of the Dining Hall at the college and the students were free to add a sentence each to the story – a sort of continued story. They were asked to maintain an environmental focus. Whether they succeeded in this must be judged by the reader. The story might seem a bit incoherent since it is written by 12 different students, however, they have managed to sustain a red thread through the story. The names in brackets are the names of the author(s) of each sentence.  

Environmental Article- AC 08-11

“Once upon a time in sunny Greenland, a girl was walking on the beach (Iris and Lin). Yes, they actually do have those in Greenland, but they’re different from the ones on ads to the Caribbean (Akilah). Surrounded by big green trees she sat down on the sand and looked at the calm sea in front of her (Meghna). Little did she know that on that very day sitting on the sand, next to the sunny Greenland surrounded by trees, she was to encounter a man dressed in neon orange and yellow colors (Eric). Except that as Greenland is above the tree-line, there are no trees in Greenland (Bali).  No trees of exceptional height, however there were big trees. Arctic Willow, the toughest of trees, clings to rock and grows along the road (Salima and George). At such great heights, nonetheless, the girl realized that the man dressed in neon colors was, in truth, a burning tree- ignited, with its roots aflame (Andrés). And then all of a sudden, the burning tree started running around and screaming “Help! I’m HOOTTT!” (Oladoyin) But then it started raining. It rained for 17 nights. All the people came out from the office building, and started taking off their ties and shirts (Sofie). And then, all of a sudden, a lifeguard’s sea kayak was swept onto the beach. The lifeguard, crawling out of the ocean, totally exhausted, only wearing his Speedo screamed, “Ram tam tam,” and fainted. How mysterious.”


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